Issues with NIC Teaming Settings and Database Disconnections RRS feed

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  • Hello, I have a Dell PowerEdge T640 server with Windows Server 2019 Standard and have set it up as a Hyper V Host server. The server came with 2 internal Broadcom NetXtreme E-Series 10GbE NICs and I added a Broadcom 5719 Quad Port 1GbE Adapter. I connected 1 of the on-board 10GbE NIC’s and all 4 of the 5719 Quad Port Adapter NICs to our Dell X1026 switch. This is a small environment so at the most I will probably have 4 VMs (Fileserver, Backup Domain Controller, SQL server and Remote Desktop server), so far, I have made a network team with 2 of the Broadcom 5719 Adapters NICs. I configured the team as Switch Independent - Dynamic with no Standby adapter and have setup my Fileserver and Backup Domain Controller VMs. On the Fileserver we are running QuickBooks Enterprise v20 Server Manager and the client workstations were getting aborted out of the database.  After lengthy phone calls and diagnostics with Dell and Intuit I found that if I only had a single NIC in the team the client workstations would stay connected and not abort out of the database, once I added the second NIC to the team after 20 minutes the client workstations would get aborted, but not at the same time. Dell at the very end talked about trying 2 things, changing the load balancing mode from Dynamic to Hyper-V Port, if this didn’t work I would delete the team and setup Switch Embedded Team (SET) to see if that fixes the issue. By changing to Hyper-V Port, it fixed my issue, I have a good amount Hyper V servers with a similar setup and QuickBooks and have all of them set as Dynamic in the team, this is my first 2019 server and QuickBooks v20 setup, more up to date versions of the OS and QuickBooks.

    Does this make sense, is there any downside to this, should I also look at using Switch Embedded Team (SET) for servers that are 2016 and higher? I would like to know what everyone thinks and their thought and recommendation to these questions.

    Thanks Ryan.

    Tuesday, November 19, 2019 10:54 PM