New improvements in Live Meeting Service?


  • Hi.

    I'm using Live Meeting for a few years, and it seem's that there aren't any visible improvements in Live Meeting Service since then.

    Is Microsoft still working in news improvements to Live Meeting Service?

    I have the same problems since I've started working with it, I was expecting to see changes along all this years, but only noticed improvements with the audio quality.

    For example:

    PPT with 16:9 Page Setup shrinks at start

    Can't delete event brands

    Can't choose HDMI in Audio and Video Setup

    Can't import a Registration file

    Can't use mp4 or mov files

    Can't see ppt notes when presenting

    Can't change live meeting email template

    Can't have a alert about registrations full, so I can suggest later to that users other future events

    The recording (wmv) keep the ppt page setup (16:9) visual, and not a shrinked image

    Can't use ppt animations and timers

    As a payer user and with all the offer we have from other brands, I was expecting much more from Microsoft with the Live Meeting Service.

    Most of this problems I've already sent to Microsoft, some of them a long time ago (years).

    Friday, September 14, 2012 11:58 AM

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