Speed issues with Microsoft Communicator 2005 1.0.559


  • Hi folks,

    My first posting on here so please be gentle   : ) 

    We're trialling MS Communicator on our LAN and also at home and viw WiFi 3G. The short story is that on the LAN; everything is beautiful. Video, and audio work well.

    When folk dial in from Home or Business Broadband, they can usually talk to staff on the LAN at work, but often have pixelated, or no image. More often than not, the staff on the LAN see the video and hear audio just fine. So hom users have a worse experience.

    When folk dialing in talk to other folk dialing in (ie home to home); we have no video whatsoever    : (

    Connecting via 3G to the office we have no viedo or audio and an error re 'NATS' pops up. Which is fine. We can fine. But we can't transfer files (which is not so good).

    So, what can we do? Are there settings on 2005 we can alter? Are there tools to help identify the bottleneck (for it does seem to be a bottleneck most likely to do with security). Are more recent versions of Communicator/Lync better at compression and utlising less bandwidth?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011 13:45