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  • In transitiion from BPOS to Office365 it requires a password reset. Currently our BPOS requires auto reset regularily as it stands. What is the time window around the transition point where a password reset has been made that meets the transion requirement? From previous questions it seems to indicate that any changes post July 2011 satisfy this but other questions imply that the situation is more complex? Would appreciate any clarity I can get on this.

    By way of background a number of users changed in last month as normal and we have a transition date of 27th Jan. I am wondering does this meet the requirement for them?

    Thanks Ed

    יום שני 16 ינואר 2012 16:40

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  • Hello Ed,

    In order to smoothen the transition from BPOS-S to Office 365 Microsoft has implemented a new password policy on July 2011. Post which all the existing BPOS users should change their password in line with with new password policy. If users in your organization have changed password in last month then there shouldn't be any problem. For more information please refer below link:



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  • From another post:

    "I sent an email to everyone in the company and asked them to verify that they could log in to with their BPOS credentials. If they could, then they were set for the transition. If they couldn't, then they should change their pw before the transition date."

    יום רביעי 18 ינואר 2012 19:02