Forgot .2 in Prepare for transition


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    Maybe i forgot 2. in Prepare for transition

    "It is very important that you change your password in BPOS because you will not
    be able to sign in to Office 365 if you don’t. Changing your password in BPOS
    triggers an action on the back end to send your user name and password to the
    Office 365 servers so that you will be able to sign into Office 365 later on."

    I might have forgotten this for the administrator account:

    Because i cannot login as admin at
    Trying to access the old BPOS portal i'm promted to enter a new password since the old expired but then i get a "page not found"-error.

    Should i login with a different username or what can i do to access the admin account again?

    יום שלישי 22 מאי 2012 17:20

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  • You will need to call support to get your password reset (assuming there is no other administrative accounts transitioned from BPOS to O365 that can reset your password for you).

    Resetting your password in BPOS, post-transition, will no longer push your password to O365 since PCNS (the password sync engine) is disabled for that tenant once it is transitioned.

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    יום חמישי 14 יוני 2012 17:53