windows live mail captcha in july 2011 ?


  • Today after clicking 'send' I was confronted by a yellow band with a link asking me to type certain characters?


    Does windows live mail use captcha's - maybe sometimes? Or has my mail been compromised?

    Forgive me if this is not posted in the right forum but there are too many f#¤%" possible forums and forum katagories.

    14 Juli 2011 18:47

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  • Greetings Cool_1!

    You've reached the BPOS Sign In Client forum. Were you trying to reach Live Mail or Hotmail?  I'm happy to provide links to put you in the right forums if I knew which product you were using.

    There is nothing to forgive, just let me know which product and we'll put you where you need to be.

    Vickie - BPOS - Technical Support

    15 Juli 2011 0:22
  • I don't know if this forum is still being monitored, but I have a similar issue. I'm an Assistive Technology Instructor and I'm teaching a blind client to use Windows Live Mail with JAWS (it's a screen reader program). However, he sometimes gets the CAPTCHA when trying to send an email. We've tried the audio option, but it's too garbled to be helpful. Why does the CAPTCHA come up (I use WLM for my personal accounts and have NEVER seen a CAPTCHA) and how can we keep it from coming up?

    It is a Hotmail acount.

    17 Januari 2012 22:55