Transfer what?


  • Will I be able to tranfer email contacts, inbox, sent emails?

    Can I maintain same email address?

    Can I tranfer my complete website or will it have to be rebuilt on 365?

    22 Februari 2012 16:19

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  • If you are referring to initial migration to Office 365, then I would ask that you post in the O365 forums.  Either way, all are available (though the website will be a bit different since you'll have to figure out how to incorporate it using SharePoint 2010).

    If you are referring to transition from BPOS-S to Office 365, then all of those transfer.
    - All mail items transition from BPOS-S to O365
    - All email addresses associated with your BPOS-S accounts will transfer to Office 365
    - All SharePoint content will transition in the way it was in BPOS-S (minus the deprecated web parts).

    Have a great day, Chras.


    23 Februari 2012 1:40