How do you change the security settings ?


  • I am new to MO Exchange. I have a work .exe file I would like to access and the email comes up with "

    Attachments can contain viruses that may harm

    Access to the following potentially unsafe "

    How do I change the security settings inorder to access this file?

    23 februarie 2012 12:55

Toate mesajele

  • This is not possible in BPOS or Office 365.

    Executable files are blocked on purpose.  If you have need of transferring potentially harmful files, you need to set up a file transfer server (such as FTP) to handle that.

    27 martie 2012 20:33
  • Hello,

    The alternative is to rename the suffix of the file before it is sent to you (to something other than .exe) , then save it once you receive it and rename it back to the original suffix.

    Thank you


    26 aprilie 2012 16:18