What should a Client with Office 2003 and BPOS do to migrate to Office 365?


  • My customer has BPOS standard and office 2003. He would need at least Office 2007 SP2 to migrate to Office 365, but can he wait for Office 365 and then purchase the Office Pro Plus offering as part of Office 365 or does he have to purchase Office 2010 before migrating to Office 365?

    Thanks for your help!

    20 июня 2011 г. 23:17

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  • Customers should not have to purchase Office 2010 separately to migrate their BPOS environment to Office 365. One of the first things they'll need to do as a part of moving to Office 365 is upgrade the Office suite to a compatible version, but it won't stop them from doing the migration itself.


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  • David, you can wait until after the transition to purchase and install Office Pro Plus. It's not required before transition. The catch is that, post-transition, users will need to use OWA until Office Pro Plus is installed. This is a great option for a smaller customer, but probably tough to manage for a very large deployment.
    Mike O'Neill, Product Manager: BPOS to Office 365 Transition
    3 июля 2011 г. 20:55
  • With Office 2003,
    - you lose outlook with Office 365
    - some other integration niceties with the word apps

    With that said,
    - a lot of users are happy with Office 365 - OWA, is nice (per Michael comment)


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    15 июля 2011 г. 20:34
  • We are currently in the process of planning a transition from BPOS to O365 and have about 160-170 machines that are still running Office 2003.  As part of our plan we anticipated installing Office 2010 prior to conversion.  However, since the installer is to be obtained from the O365 portal, can we not do this install until after our transition?

    We are also planning standardization of our operating systems to Windows 7 as part of this transition, which will require reformatting or replacing approximately 140 machines.  Obviously it would be much better for us to be able to install Office 2010 during this process.  Is this feasible?  If so, how do we accomplish it?

    2 декабря 2011 г. 21:34
  • Hi eric...

    If you are keeping you xp machines, and upgrading them to windows.  This is what we do for our customers

    1.       Deploy windows intune, it comes with windows 7 enterprise  (not part of office 365 - tied to machine name). 

    2.       Office 2010, it is tied to the email address of the user account,  so it is a license sync issue, the same with lync.  We have found that it is better to have the user deployed  in office 365 before you install lync.

    What I would do  is stage the upgrade.

    1.       Move everyone to office 365 (web clients)

    2.       Upgrade the desktop (windows 7 enterprise with intune) – you can do this in advance and just pop drives if you have common hardware

    3.       After transition, swap drives, then  push out office 2010, lync and the sec cred (need to test if I can push out office 2010 from window  intune)


    Drop me an email  and I'll send you are bpos to office 365 transition guide.


    Matt k.

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  • Hi Eric, ressurecting this old thread :-)  So if your users have changed their BPOS passwords lately, they can then get into O365 (https://portal.microsoftonline.com) and use the Downloads section to pull down a copy.  Or you could have an admin do this and put it on a file share to install.  Pro Plus will request your O365 account for activation and users would need to enter their O365 credentials.  In this way you can get the user's their software but it won't be until after the transition weekend when their MBXs are moved over into EXO365 for use.  I have heard of customers using this approach, where they get the software installed and used.  Then when they go through the weekend Transition they have all the needed software.  Remember that if the users have the Sign-In Client (SIC) running, the new Outlook 2010 client will continue to use BPOS EXO.  MAKE SURE that post-transition that the SIC logs into BPOS so it can pick up the fact that the user has moved and will remove all the Outlook AutoDiscover registry entries.  You will also want to make sure to create an Autodiscover.[domain].com DNS CNAME record that points to autodiscover.outlook.com.  SO you will transition over the weekend.  SIC will pick up the fact that the user has moved and remove the registry entries.  About the same time Outlook will say "The administrator has made some changes, restart outlook".  Outlook will no longer have the PreferLocalXML registry setting, which previously forced Outlook to use BPOS EXO, and query DNS, find autodiscover.[domain].com and connect to autodiscover.outlook.com, get connected, authenticated, connect to their old BPOS EXO MBX, and start working.  note that the MBX is moved, so the Outlook client's .ost references the O365 MBX, so it does NOT have to resynch anything, saving tons of bandwidth and time :-)

    Anyway, hope this helps.  You should try changing one of your BPOS user passwords, wait a few hours and login to O365 using your BPOS credentials.  Login to 365, click the dowloads link on the right side of the page and download Office Pro Plus, install and register when requested.  note that if you CANNOT register due to account info, transitions are being performed, etc.  You can continue and register later after Transitions have completed.  You can use Pro Plus for 30 days without registration before you get a popup saying "You have another 30 days before Office goes into Reduced Functionality Mode", so you have ~60 days before Office becomes unusable.

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