Cannot Send on Behalf of - error 19992 using Outlook 2011, Exchange2010, mail-enabled Public folder


  • Dear all,

    I originally posted this question in the Office for Mac forums - they directed me here.  I hope you guys can help.

    We have a number of mail-enabled Public Folders.
    They are hosted on an Exchange 2010 server.  This is the only Exchange server in our domain.
    Our users connect with Outlook 2010 (PC), Outlook 2011 (Mac), and Outlook Web Access.

    One of our Public Folders is mail-enabled with the address of education@contoso.com.
    Fred has both Send on Behalf... permission and Owner permission on this folder.

    Using Outlook2011 on his Mac, Fred tries to send an email On Behalf of education@contoso.com. 
    The mail is not sent, Outlook 2011 pops up a window saying "An unknown error has occurred", and the mail is saved in the Drafts folder. 
    Logging shows "error: -19992".

    When Fred tries the same operation on Outlook Web Access or Outlook 2010 (PC), the mail is sent successfully.

    I am not convinced that this is an Exchange server issue, since Fred can successfully Send On Behalf using OWA and Outlook 2010 (PC).
    I don't currently think that this is a permissions issue, for the same reason.
    Finally, our Outlook 2010 users are connecting via HTTP, and since Outlook 2011 also uses RPC over HTTP, I tend to think that this is not a connection protocol issue.

    Does anyone know what error 19992 means, or can give some tips as to what we should be looking for here?
    We're stumped at this point.

    Many thanks!

    16/شوال/1432 03:42 م

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  • Hello,


    Since the issue does not occur in OWA and Outlook and it only occurs on Entourage, I suggest we create a new thread to the Entourage forum via the following link:







    21/شوال/1432 01:41 ص
  • Um, Simon ... you're joking, aren't you - the Office for Mac forum MVPs directed me here in the first place!

    I've ALREADY created a thread on this topic on the Office for Mac forum - here is the link:





    21/شوال/1432 12:54 م
  • Could PLEASE someone from Microsoft taking care for this issue instead of pushing us user for- and backwards through the support forums?



    Martin aka binomsc Berlin, Germany, Europe, Earth
    12/ذو الحجة/1432 11:03 ص
  • Hi Edgar,

    I encountered this last year on Outlook 2011 trying to send as a distribution list and getting exactly the same problem.  The only way I was able to send as the distribution list in the end was to create an IMAP account in the same profile, authenticating as the mailbox but having the distribution list address as the primary address.

    It worked but it was very dirty.

    If anyone knows another way of doing this please let me know :)


    10/جمادى الأولى/1433 07:55 م