Restoring deleted Inbox emails and sub-folders in Microsoft Exchange 2003 SP2.


  • I have a client who wants to restore emails from Inbox folder and sub-folders under it after these items were accidentally deleted. I have a full backup of these on a tape. How do I go about restoring these Inbox items?
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  • Hi,

    I am still not convinced, If you have enabled dumpster then it should be in recover deleted items. Please answer by below question;

    1: Which outlook client you are using , Test with both outlook 2003/2007 (In outlook 2003 you need to enable registry)

    2: Did you tried with OWA ? (mentioned in above article i have sent), See dupster is enabled for databse where user reside.

    3: Are you able to see recover deleted items for other user ?.

    4: Select Inbox and deleted items folder when you select "recover deleted item" option from tool menu.

    If still above option does not work then go for restoring databse in RSG and use exmere to export mails into PST and then merge back into production databse.

    How to use Recovery Storage Groups in Exchange Server 2003 :

    Using ExMerge to recover a Single Mailbox or Mailbox Item:



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