Communicator cursor blink during desktop sharing.


  • I'm using communicator 2007 (3.5.6907.196) and when I'm sharing my desktop to contacts everything work fine except my cursor blinking all the time. The invite do not see my cursor is blinking. It's happen to all my team, it is not specific to my computer only. It's happen whatever the number of invite I have on my meeting.


    Any help is appreciate.

    pátek 14. května 2010 18:44


  • This is by design caused by the Windows graphics device interface (GDI) used by the
    remote desktop protocol that is used by desktop sharing.

    When using the BitBlt function to capture the desktop screenshot with (CAPTUREBLT |
    SRCCOPY) it causes the mouse cursor to blink. We have to use the CAPTUREBLT value
    in this function as otherwise things like the taskbar would not show up in the
    shared desktop.

    The GDI specifics for this issue are explained here:

    The Case of the Disappearing Cursor

    The used BitBlt function with the CAPTUREBLT value is described here:

    BitBlt Function

    Testing confirmed that we have improved this in Windows 7 but you may see it
    sometimes as it also depends on the graphics card quality used, better quality
    cards can improve/resolve the mouse pointer.
    Best Regards!
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