Exchange 2010 Lockup's in ESX4.0


  • Hi All,

    I've been having a strange problem lately at a clients site...One 2010 Server (Virtual) running off a SAS IBM DS3524. I've given it 4vcpus and 16Gb of Memory.

    Randomly, everything will lock on it and the CPU Consumption goes to max on all CPU's. The only way to restore is power off, re-start in Safe Mode with Networking and then reboot back into normal operation.

    There is nothing in the logs regarding the error, it just stops. I'm at a loss to diagnose this, but it seems related to Exchange Services. I don't think it's resource constrained, there are only 50 mailboxes on it.

    Does anyone have any hints on troubleshooting this?

    David Robertson MCP, VCP4, AST

    27. února 2012 6:56


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