Lync call to EV user with Call Forwarding showing up as "Unavailable"


  • We found an interesting situation where a non EV user makes a Lync call to an EV user that has Call Forwarding enabled.  With this configuration Lync sees everything properly but the number being forwarded to always sees the call come from "Unavailable".  Sometimes if the SIP address of the caller has numbers in it those numbers will show up instead ( would show up as 123 for example).  The problem is there is no phone number being passed along, only the SIP address of the caller because of the call type.  Is there some way to instruct Lync to do a lookup on that SIP address and include the phone number (which should be in the address book or AD) to avoid that?

    Just for laughs I tried doing a manipulation at the gateway to look for * and replace it with a number but that did not work.


    25. srpna 2011 18:25

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  • In this scenario, the only P-Asserted-Identity of the caller that can be supplied to the gateway would be one that has the SIP URI. What you are seeing is the Lync Mediation server can give a number due to the fact that the SIP URI has numbers in it so it can be parsed down to that and give to the gateway in a format that it can understand. Unfortunately the gateway has no access to AD to do a user lookup and thus provide a non-Lync tel URI. While Lync can pass along the SIP URI, it does not do a reverse number lookup and send that number to the gateway for processing as a caller ID.  The most I could say do in this scenario would be to instruct the gateway to supply the same number to all outbound calls from Lync. But then, this would break the numbers from being shown on EV enabled users.
    Richard McGiboney, Support Escalation Engineer, Microsoft
    31. srpna 2011 0:12
  • Hi Richard,

    I got the same issue. when a user calls the pstn number. the pstn user(mobile) receives Unavailable calling. so we checked the P-asserted identity value on the outgoing request(invite - first) from mediation server to gateway. the  P-asserted identity value was there. after the gateway sending incoming request to mediation server, Mediation server again sent second invite to the Gateway. it striped out the attribute(P-asserted Identity).

    Can you help me to resolve the issue?

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    23. února 2012 19:53
  • Hi,

    well this is a problem. when call forwarding is enabled, Lync always forward the caller's CLI even the CLI cuppression is enabled in trunk level. if any none EV enabled user which does not have a line URI specified will be shown as unavailable to the person who get the call. what you can try is that, configure a line URI even the users is not in EV and check whether the users number getting passed along for OB calls.

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    27. února 2012 2:12