Sharepoint data connection error "An unexpected error has occured. Changes to your data cannot be saved."


  • First, I'd like to explain what I'm trying to accomplish. I have a list in sharepoint containing information (in this case, timesheet entres) that I would like to format using a PivotTable in excel (show by person or by project), then finally display on a webpart page along with other data.

    Initially, this all worked out well - until it was time to update the worksheet. I had hoped that sharepoint would be able to update my published spreadsheet all by it's self (It seems to have this functionality when dealing with most data sources, but alas, not when the connection points to a sharepoint list). I'll admit that this may have been a bit of a stretch, so I decided to try the next best option - manual updating.

    Manually updating seemed to work for one user (the creator of the spreadsheet), but no other user seems to be able to update it. The steps I used to update it are as follows:
    • Check out/Open document from sharepoint to excel.
    • Click refresh All.
    • Check document back in.
    I have tried with the connection file on the local computer, with the connection file in the data connection library on the server, and with no data connection file at all (embedded, I presume) and this same error always came up:

    "An unexpected error has occured. Changes to your data cannot be saved. "
    then "Problems obtaining data "

    Due to corporate policy, using third party/custom webparts is out of the question. Also, my C# skills are not quite up to snuff.

    Many thanks to anyone able to help me out here.
    Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2009 14:16