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  • I have an issue, which is related to JavaScript Cross Browser Scripting rules.


    I have an Exchange 2010 server set up, with the OWA interface in an iFrame on our website. Problem is, we've got as the homepage (and secured with EV SSL), and the OWA mail interface is (with regular SSL) - and this is enough difference for the js not to work when in the iFrame (works amazingly perfect outside of the iFrame)


    Now the only issue from this is when a user open the Options page, tries to change a password, or edit contacts, etc.

    I know how to solve this issue, but can't seem to figure out how to do it technically speaking; Launch the Options in a new window.


    Option A - Remove the Options link from the top of the OWA interface (can't figure this out anyways...) and then add a link to the page in its place Opening the options in a new window.

    Option B - Change the Options (and any/all links to the ECP related pages for that matter) button to Launch in a new Window.


    Anyone know how I can accomplish either of these solutions?


    I solved Removing/adding new links.

    I found this in OWA/forms/premium/startpage.aspx:

    <div id="divAlertBarContainer">
    	<% RenderBreadcrumbs(); %>
    	<% RenderingUtilities.RenderAlertBarButtons(Response.Output, OwaContext); %>

    I removed the line

    <% RenderingUtilities.RenderAlertBarButtons(Response.Output, OwaContext); %>

    And Will add my own Hyperlinks which open in new windows, therefor bypassing the Javascript errors.

    Freitag, 9. März 2012 02:06

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  • My new issue arises from removed line. When someone gets a new email or calendar notification it pops up at 0px top 0px left and when you dismiss whatever it is the popup does not close.

    Anyone have an idea how I can fix this? or add a "close" button? I've scoured the code for hours upon hours many times and I cannot figure a way to accomplish this without some help.


    Freitag, 15. Juni 2012 04:22