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  • When i open particular excel  file from mapped network drive, i am getting this error and it promting to recover. Every time i open the file this error window will appear.

    But there is no error messages when i open the same files from different user in same computer. There is no error when i open the same files from same computer with different user and there is no error when i open the same files from same user with different computer.

    Error message coming, if i save the files from mapped drive to local pc and open.

    I tried to google and found one hotfix for this error message, but vain. After that i uninstalled MS Office from the PC even registry also and re-installed again. But still i am getting the same error.

    I dont know why this happening, and how to resolve it.
    The problem with that particular client PC or problem with confused.

    please help me to resolve it,

    thanks and regards.

    Sonntag, 18. November 2012 06:05


  • Thank you dear Jaynet...

    Now the problem solved,

    Completely removed the printer driver and re-installed freshly and updated.
    Now when i enable printer spooler service, i am not getting Excel error and i can print too...

    Thank you once again...

    Mittwoch, 28. November 2012 12:34

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