automatic alerts on document expire


  • Hi,

    I have document library with custom column Expiry Date. i have created workflow which send alert 2 min before document expiry, problem is that it send alerts on those documents which has no expiry date, so please tell me how do i add this check.

    Here is my workflow conditions :

    Monday, January 16, 2012 7:47 AM


  • If I am understanding your question correctly, here is the solution I used. I used the created column to make a custom column called Expires On.

    Create a custom column
    In the formula box use: =Created+365
    Name it Expires On
    Use the date and time format
    I chose date only

    In all of my librarys I used a disposition approval workflow, named expiration policy
    Add the workflow to the library in settings
    Choose Disposition Approval Workflow
    Name it Expiration Policy
    Task list name: Expiration Policy Task List
    History name: Expiration Policy History

    In settings, under views, select the following columns:
    Created (to show the date the item was created)
    Expiration Policy (to show that the workflow has started when an item is created)
    Expires on (to show your expiration date calculated off the created column)

    Upload a document to test it.
    Under View all content you will see the Expiration Policy Task list. This is where items go when they are created and when you click on it you will see the option to retain or delete.
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