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  • Hello and thanks to all who contribute to the forum.

    I'm having a problem with audience rules being ignored (allowing everyone access), or denying access to everyone. If I create an audience based on user profile data, and apply that audience to a list item (with audience targeting enabled), or document, everyone can still see the list item or document. It's as if the audience is completly ignored. There are no errors in compiling the audience and I can view the audience members and they are the people I expect to see.


    If I use an audience based on an AD security group, SharePoint will filter everyone - even those users who are in the AD security group.


    Accounts, AD security groups and distribution lists are all successfully imported from AD.


    Any ideas on how to resolve this, or even troubleshoot it would be appreciated.


    Friday, January 25, 2008 12:44 PM

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  • What tool are you using for the filtering?


    Document libraries/lists/etc don't filter based on audience.  You need to use something like the content query web part for that.


    --Paul Galvin, Conchango
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    Friday, January 25, 2008 12:59 PM
  • Paul,


    Thanks for the reply. I think this might be part of the problem. I will try this. However here are a few more specific examples and I don't see where a filtering web part would apply.

    1. On the home page of the Enterprise collaboration portal I have the Links heading in the Current Navigation section with links underneath.

     a. I go to Site Navigation Settings and edit the link in the Current Navigation section and assign an audience. The audience has only one person in it (just for testing purposes). I didn't use a filter or anything else. Just this step.

     b. As expected, the link does not appear for me. However, when I log in as the user in the audience, I still don't see the link.Note, I'm using the Sign on as Different User link from the home page. So basically, adding an audience seems to hide that link for everyone, including members of the audience.


    How would I filter a link on the Current Navigation area correctly? And if it requires some filtering web part, why this unexpected behavior without one?


    2. A different, but still targeting-related problem is assigning a filter to entire web part. Still on the same home page of the Enterprise Collaboration Portal, I edit the company news (summary link) web part and assign an audience. The same thing happens as above - the entire web part does not appear for anyone. For the audience I have tried an audience based on user profile data, a distribution list, and AD security groups. The web part never appears unless I completely remove all audiences.


    Again, do I need to further filter something?


    Thanks in advance



    Friday, January 25, 2008 9:34 PM