custom CSS changes not getting reflected on the site


  • I am new to sharepoint technologies...I am learning to use sharepoint designer now..I have a test site and I am trying to implement my custom css, just making minor changes such as the font size and color..the site has several custom css files, I opened firefox firebug and found the relevant ID that I want to customize, created a custom file - but the changes aren't reflecting...what do i need to do? i searched in this forum and someone had suggested about using !important, I tried this also but the site doesn't seem to reflect the changes...One more question...when i right click on the file i can see check out option being i have to check it out and make changes and check it in again? the company uses enterprise version of sharepoint server 2007 - my division site is a subsite of a site collection and the test site is a child site of my division site. I have not enabled the publishing feature on the test site. Please help!!!!

    Thursday, July 12, 2012 2:03 PM

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