Need to simply count sharepoint list items from a query


  • Hi,

    I only need to count different conditions for different lists and put it on a clickable item on a Page like:

    Value1: 001     Vlaue 2: 009    Value 3:  010

    These values are based on a query (filter/condition) on a list from 2 fields for instance:

    if table1.fielda <1 and table1.field4<1

    that will give me the Values above, 001, 009, etc.

    I need to have these values on lables or formated like that and linkable to the real list for their counts as in:

    Value1: 001


    if clicked on 009

    Value2: 009

    Time  Time1  Time2  Time3   and so on......
    0.50   0.75    0.15    0.88

    is there a way for me to do that using SharePoint Designer 2010?

    any help appreciated.


    Thursday, June 14, 2012 5:12 AM