Office 365 - Importing PST Files


  • Hi there, going round in circles over this issue.

    Firstly, I know of two ways to import our .PST files to our newly setup office 365 accounts (assume this uses exchange 2013??).  The first is using the tool PST Capture - This gives me the same (unresolved) issue posted in other topics - where it cannot see any mailboxes on the server to import too.

    The second is manually in powershell.  I have zero experience prior to spending all day yesterday researching online how to make the transfer .

     I have managed to get as far as connecting to our exchange server.  However I am unable to run the command I believe needed to do the import (new-mailboximportrequest).  I have added myself to the role of "Mailbox Import Export" but despite this I still cannot see it in the list of available commands.

    Can anybody help?
    Friday, May 03, 2013 8:23 AM


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