Powerpoint - How to copy Custom Templates from a computer to another one


  • Hello Technet !

    I'm trying to know if it's possible to copy some custom template folder from a computer to another in Powerpoint 10.

    Indeed, I'm working with Office 2010 and we have some special settings that have been created for our Office Pro install, and especially for Powerpoint.
    When we run our vbs file, it creates a "Custom Templates" folder with all slides related to our company :

    But I don't know why, one one of our computer this folder has not been created, and even if I remove the whole Office pack and make a fresh install, it does not appear.

    That's why I'm wondering if it was possible to copy it or import it form another computer where the folder is well set.

    Many thanks.


    Tuesday, November 12, 2013 9:53 AM