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  • There are no MX records in Exchange.  An MX record in DNS links the e-mail domain to the A records of one or more SMTP transport servers responsible for mail for the domain.

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    In addition, we can refer to the following articles for detailed information:

    Configure MX record:

    Updating MX records:

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  • Set Mx Record On Public Domain

    Log in to the public domain DNS manager for your domain name.

    1. Locate the Mx Record and set your host to “”  set the priority to 0

    Note: Propagation of these records may take some time according to their TTL Value.

    Check with Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer or Mxtoolbox to make sure about DNS Record Propagation.

    1. Refrence:

    Exchange server 2016 MX record configuration: When your Exchange Server organization needs to receive emails from outsider domain, you need to configure Mx-record on Public Domain.

    If you have created send connector, you can send emails to other domain but in order to receive emails. You need Mx record.

    What Is Mx Record

    Mx record is a Mail Exchange record, it decides on which specific IP address email needs to be sent. It works on a priority basis.

    The lowest integer has the highest priority.

    You can set multiple Mx Record for your domain name

    Note: If your public IP is set on the router, you need to forward all the exchange server related port to exchange server host.


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