Flagged tasks marked as completed in Outlook 2010 and One Note 2010 do not show as completed in One Note app in Skydrive,


  • Outlook 2010 and One Note 2010 on my computer sync perfectly between the two - when a task in Outlook is marked completed or in One Note, it syncs and shows completed in the other.  However, although everything about the tasks also sync to skydrive, including the flag (i.e. due this week) for the task, when I mark the task as completed in Outlook or One Note on my computer, that action doesn't sync back to skydrive.  The task in skydrive one note app still has the flag on it, appearing as if it has not been completed.  I see no error messages for the sync, skydrive says it synced 'moments ago' - even after waiting 10-15 mins, the changes don't go through.  Any help on how to fix this so that completed tasks sync to skydrive?

    Tuesday, April 10, 2012 3:02 PM