Problems with graphs in Powerpoint 2008 for Mac - time ranges in graphs change


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    I have a powerpoint (ppt) file with graphs and tables that were created either in Excel 2007 or in PPT 2007.  All the graphs work very well when the ppt is opened on a PC.  However, when the file is opened with PPT 2008 for Mac, the dates change on graphs (data in years moves forward 2011 becomes 2015 ).  Since the ppt file goes back and forth between users with PC and with MACs, what is the best way to change an existing file so that the graphs would be compatible among these 2 platforms?

    Note: I have done some research to fix the problem and have found the suggestion of unchecking the "Use 1904 system" in Excel>preferences>Calculation tab, which was unchecked to start with.  So that's not a fix to my problem.  I also have the excel file in the same folder as the ppt file.  I have also re-created the graph on excel 2008 for Mac, which initially corrected the problem when I copied the new graph in ppt  (the data on the graphs did not shift forward).  However, after saving the new version, closing it, and then reopening it again, the data range shifted forward.  So then I made sure that the graph is linked to the excel data, and when I selected "edit data" on the graph, the excel folder opened, the data range was corrected only to save, close and open to find the same problem.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks again

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