Cannot Start microsoft Outlook. The command line argument is not valid. verify the switch you are using


  • We have a program that we use to store PDF, excel, word and also messages created in outlook.  We previously were running either Office 2003 or office 2007. The program allows us to "attach" a file to the program file number inside the program. It then stores the file as a normal file in a directory on the server. This directory is accessible via a mapped network drive letter. Previously in 2003 or 2007, we were able to go into the program, search for the program file number we wanted to work on and as a part of that, click on the files we attached to the program and they would open in their respective programs. This was all file types including the .msg files from outlook.

    The beauty was we could store entire emails, including their attachments in one swoop. However, since changing over to Office 2010, we get the error that is listed as the title above.  We can still open Excel files, Word files and PDF's, but we cannot get the .msg files to open in outlook. This is frustrating as we have over 70000 files in this process that need periodic access and the only way to do it right now is to search manually via the mapped network drive. if we do that, they open just fine. We just cant get them to open inside the program. Opening them outside of the program is an arduous.

    I have been told that this may be due to a security change with Outlook 2010. I need to find a way around this. we have to be able to open these files inside the other program and have them open via Outlook 2010, just like we can for excel, word etc.





    Wednesday, January 25, 2012 2:22 PM


  • Hello Dave,

    Have you tried to directly open the .msg file in the local machine to if it will be fine. If yes, there might be something wrong on the network or your storage program somehow. If no, the issue should be caused by client site.

    At this point, please set the Outlook 2010 as the default programs by the following steps in Windows 7:

    Click on Start > Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Default Programs > Set your default programs > Choose Microsoft Outlook on the left pane >  click Set the programs as default > OK

    For more steps related to registry key, please refer to the link blow:

    If the issue still would not gone, I would like to know how did you install Outlook 2010. Is there earlier version of Office still installed on the computer? If possible, please try to install Office 2010 in clean operation system to check if the issue still persists.

    Please let me know the result. Thanks.

    Tony Chen

    TechNet Community Support

    Monday, January 30, 2012 8:33 AM