Lync Server working with mobile phones


  • Hello ,
    I have developed Lync Server Std in my company,
    everything's ok with Lync, but some users they have IPhone, Samsung and Blackberry (9800) mobile phones are asking me if is it real that they wanted to using their mobiles using Lync onboard.

    All of the mobile phones are connected to my local network and they're using mail by Exchange 2007 server in my company.

    yesterday one of them install Lync client on his Iphone 4 but lync client wasn't connect and I really don't know how to connect it to my Lync Server to my ad domain.

    In my local inside network i have (on dns server) defined a srv record (sip.internaltls) and now I would to ask if i have to assign some new dns record so the Iphone may connect to my lync server ?


    please advice :)

    best regards,


    Thursday, January 26, 2012 12:26 PM