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  • Ok I have tried other forums with little success. I believe it is due to a lack of information. So i will spill it all to you so that you have an understanding.

    I work for a company that contracts Rig clerks for offshore and land rigs.

    I have recently developed an app for smartphones for our employees to "check in" to home office when they go out on a job or come in from a job.

    This app automatically takes the input info from the apps Form and e-mails it to a company e-mail (outlook).

    The format is always the same as follows is the body of the e-mail.


    Information submitted through your app.

    Name -- Ray Duplechain
    Work Status -- Going Out
    Location Type -- Offshore Rig
    Location Name -- blake
    Well Info -- mp308
    Project Type -- Completion




    The subject is always the same  (  Check In )

    The Sender is always ( <> )

    The folder that the e-mail is auto catagorized into is (  appsbar checkin )


    I need a button in outlook to export this information to a designated spreadsheet and sort the information in a chartable manner preferably on a row. Each new check in that comes in (when the button is pressed) should automatically populate the information to the appropriate employees name. If it would help i can e-mail you a copy of the spreadsheet for further evaluation.

    In the spreadsheet the list of employees names are in column A starting at row 5. The employees name are typed down the colum.




    employee 1

    employee 2

    employee 3

    employee 4

    employee 5

    employee 6

    employee 7

    employee 8

    employee 9


    In row 4 the remaining information is labled.




    |Status| Location Type| Location Name| Well Info| Project Type



    When the email is recieved and exported to this spreadsheet it should populate to the appropriate employee.

    If the employee already has information it should replace and update it.


    This is a way where we can always have a tracking on where our employees are and if they are available for other jobs.


    If you need more information please ask and i will get it to you.


    Like I said I have tried so many different forums and recieved no help.


    Thank you so much:

    Ray Duplechain

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