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  • Note: I was advised to post this question here in the Exchange forums - as opposed to the Office forums

    Hi all,

    A user in my company wants to do the following:
    She would like to setup conditional formatting on her mailbox - so that when an email arrives in her inbox from a member of staff who is a member of "Distribution_groupA", she wants the emails received from that person  to be formatted with a certain colour and font type - so it’s easily noticeable in her inbox.  Sounds straight forward enough.
    I have tested this and we can get this working when the conditional formatting is done based upon a particular user (for example sent from "John Smith"), but when we enter the distribution group name - no formatting occurs.
    The distribution group in question is an internal security enabled AD group created within our AD domain – it has an exchange email address assigned to it.  The group is listed within our Global address book and everyone can send emails to the group normally without any problems.
    We use a single domain within our company.
    I have googled this and came across quite a few articles regarding conditional formatting, but nothing specifically about how to set it up based upon a distribution group.  The closest I have come is how to enable to ‘Query Builder’ tab, which I have done, but I still cannot see a way to achieve this - as it is not clear how to specify that the sender is a member of a paricular distribution group.

    Is it possible to setup conditional formatting based upon the sender being a member of a particular distribution group?

    I would be grateful if anybody could clarify or advise further.

    Our Environment:
    Exchange 2010 SP2
    Outlook 2010
    Windows 7 Ent SP1


    Many thanks

    Friday, May 31, 2013 9:59 AM