Outlook 2007 - Crashes when exporting "Contacts"


  • Using 2007 Outlook (straight out of the box) I imported a contacts list from a CSV file (previously exported from Microsoft Works 2000 database).

    Using the imported contacts there was no problem exporting to a CSV file ([file->import/export->Export to a file] but when trying to export the same contacts to Access (97-2003) or Excel (97-2003), Outlook consistently crashes.

    There are approximately 300 entries in the contacts folder.  Thought it might be a corrupt record at first but various testing strategies demonstrates the crash is not dependent on specific contact entries.  In fact, sometimes it actually worked and output an Access or Excel file.  This was on a vastly reduced contact list but, if you repeat the same export a number of times Outlook will crash (often the second or third attempt).

    Very weird behaviour.

    Have de-installed 2007 and re-installed Office 2003 (with the latest service pack).  Using exactly the same data and exactly the same method to import and export contacts it works a treat, not once can I get it to crash during an export.




    Thursday, March 15, 2007 2:26 PM

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  • After much further testing and scratching of the head it turns out the the culprit is McAfee Security centre.

    One machine I tested on has Norton System Works, and yes, surprisingly it doens't cause a problem (this must be a first for NSW).  The other machine is an "as installed" box running McAfee Security Centre.  Both machines are from Dell and are identical except for McAfee and Norton i.e. standard Dell image and updates from Microsoft.

    Turning off McAfee Security Centre allows you to export in both Excel and Access formats, like I say, weird.

    I will try and look into the "why" at some point but for now, hope that is enough information to help someone else out there.  Now the only problem I have is how to protect from viruses!


    Thursday, March 15, 2007 4:19 PM