Microsoft Office 2010 Error 0x800CCC80


  • A co-worker and I have been having serious problems sending from Outlook 2010.   We receive the following error:

    Task 'XXX@XXXX - Sending' reported error (0x800CCC80) : 'None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server.'

    She is using an iMap server and I'm using a POP server.  I get the errors both at home and the office, so I know it's not caused by our internal office network.  Additionally, we both have email addresses from different providers, so it can't be the provider causing the problem. 

    We frequently have to either close Outlook then re-open it for emails to send.  My co-worker sometimes has to completely re-boot her laptop for it to work (we are both using laptops in case that helps isolate the problem, but the laptops are also from different companies).

    It's really impacting our ability to efficiently work so we'd REALLY appreciate any ideas!

    Thanks in advance.



    Monday, May 23, 2011 5:45 PM


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  • And you have verified your account settings to be correct and authentication is enabled for the SMTP server?

    Do you have a virus scanner installed which integrates itself with Outlook? Which one? Uninstall this integration part of your virus scanner and try again; you'd still be sufficiently protected by your on-access scanner part of the virus scanner. For more details see;

    If it still fails now; Can you repro this issue in Outlook Safe Mode?
    Start-> type; outlook.exe /safe
    (note the space in the command)

    If it works now, your issue is most likely caused by an add-in.
    Which add-ins do you have installed?

    Disable them all and see if the issue still occurs. If not, you can enable them one-by-one to find the culprit. For details see;

    If it still fails now, you'll probably need to recreate your mail profile.

    Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook]
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    Monday, May 23, 2011 6:08 PM
  • Thanks so much for the prompt and thorough response, Roady!

    I confirmed that authentication IS (and always has been) enabled for the SMTP server on my email account.  I'll have to confirm the settings on my co-worker's account tomorrow, but believe it is NOT turned on for her email addy because our internal company server won't send emails if it is turned on.

    I'm using Avast! Free Version 6.0.1125.  After clicking on the link in your response, after some time I believe I was able to successfully turn off mail scans.

    Now only time will tell.  If the Avast! change doesn't resolve the issue, I'll follow the next steps.  I will let you know if I need further assistance (if that's ok).

    Thanks again and have a good evening.



    Monday, May 23, 2011 11:07 PM