form load rules ?


  • InfoPath 2010 form

    I would like to keep all the approval process “inside” the form.

    The form has 3 views; Submitter (default) + Approval + ReadOnly  

    There are 2 approval sections on the “Approval” view;

    1 for a manager approval and 1 for CEO approval (CEO section hides as long as the “FormStatus” equals blank or not “ManagerApproved” )

    When enduser submits the form (1’st time) the FormStatus field is set to “Submitted”

    When a manager submits the form the Formstatus field is set to “ManagerApproved”

    Form load rules:

    1.       if FormStatus equals “Submitted” switch view to ‘Approval’  
    2.       if FormStatus equals “ManagerApproved” switch view to ‘ReadOnly’

    no checkmark in the "don't run the remaining rules......" 

    But I never get switched over to the ReadOnly view….

    - can someone see the error?  
    Friday, March 16, 2012 10:02 AM


  • 1. They need to be separate rules Rule 1 if FormStatus equals “Submitted” switch view to ‘Approval’  Rule 2 if FormStatus equals “ManagerApproved” switch view to ‘ReadOnly’

    2. Please check how you are updating the FormStatus. It seems your FormStatus is not updated. In my case FormStatus was a column in the SharePoint list and I updated it through an event receiver (a workflow would also work fine but I needed an event receiver).

    Regards, Huzefa Mala, MCTS

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    Friday, March 16, 2012 12:49 PM