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  • Hello all,

    I would like to ask my question with an example. Let's say I have a document named "my_presentation_v3_final.ppt" and I can show it on page as "My presentation" by using title feature.

    What about pages? Is there a same or similar option for pages? For example, page name is "ImportantLinks.aspx" in the site named "Abc Site"and I want to see it on sharepoint page as "Abc Site > Important Links". You see that there is a space between the words but there is no space between the words of the name of page.

    I hope I could explain my problem.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • For a publishing page just edit the page properties and change the Title property on the page.  But I assume your not talking about publishing pages because that's too easy to find.

    If you are talking about web part pages, the process is the same, but the steps are different.  The key is still to edit the Title property of the file.  Unfortunately the Title Property can't be edited using Edit properties when you are on a web part page.  Instead you have to edit the page itself in the browser, the same as if you wanted to add web parts too it.  Once in edit mode look in the upper right hand corner of the page for the 'Edit Title Bar Properties' link.  Click on this link and a panel will come up that lets you change the Title property for the page.  Please note however that the breadcrumb trail pulls from the name property (the filename).  So if you want the breadcrumb to show > 'Important Links'.  You need to edit the properties of the page and change the name property.  That will also change the filename to include a space (%20), but there is no other way.

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