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  • All, the product teams, MVPs, and other community contributors are constantly cranking out great articles that are of immense value and help to those of us interested in customizing SharePoint 2010 without the use of custom code.  Since only questions can be asked in new threads, I am going to keep to be posting 2010-specific articles here on a regular basis (weekly or so).  If you see an awesome article that you think should be posted, please contact me via my blog by leaving a comment or by using my Contact page.  I will select certain articles to be highlighted.  Also, I will keep a running list of these articles so that you don't ever have to search for them.  I will start by linking some great articles from the InfoPath Team Blog...

    New Article - 11/9/10

    Tips and Tricks for Making Form Filling Faster

    "The less time it takes to fill out your forms, the more time your users can spend on other tasks. Also, odds go up that form fillers will complete forms when they take less time to fill out. This blog post will give you a few tips for speeding up form filling and improving accuracy so your forms are completed faster."

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