How can I exclude Outlook items from Windows searches?


  • I do not want my e-mail included in Windows Search results...ever.   When I want to search my mail, I use Outlook.  I've used Outlook since Office 97 and I've never had any problem finding what I wanted without resorting to other tools.

    When I moved to Vista with Outlook 2007 I discovered that I had to excluded PSTs from indexing to avoid seeing these items in Windows.   Apparently though, the Outlook team has decided that Outlook 2010 will not look for its own e-mail messages unless the user also wants his Windows searches cluttered with e-mail.  What's the reasoning behind this?  Instead of improving search productivity, it's making it harder to find the right item.  There isn't even a button in Windows Advanced Search to exclude these things.   

    This seems to be an escalation of the idea that everyone is so disorganized that the only solution is to make everyone  search everything all the time.  How can an Outlook 2010 user work in the way that is most productive for her and exclude e-mail from Windows search results?
    Sunday, January 17, 2010 4:29 PM

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