• I have a windows 2008 r2 member server running exchange server 2010 

    it has lost its trust relationship with active directory, I have had this happen to me before with another server, I resolved that issue by disconnecting network cable, logging into the server with cached crendentials and changing it from domain to workgroup and then reintroducing the server to Active directory and i was up and running, oh ya i also had to delete the computer name.

    Could I do this with Exchange Server 2010 installed change it to a workgroup, delete the computer name, and then change it back to the domain.?

    I have also seen on the web that you can use a command called netdom join or netdom/resetpwd to join the domain again ?

    Any help or advice on the best way to get the exchange server to get back on the domain without having to loose exchange would be very much appreciated.

    Martin Enriquez TechNet Forums

    Tuesday, July 31, 2012 5:34 PM


  • Hi
       I don’t know the meaning of “
    delete the computer name”.
      Maybe recovery install process will be helpful to you.
    Reset the computer account for the lost server. For detailed steps, see Reset a Computer Account.

    1. Install      the proper operating system and name the new server with the same name as      the lost server. Recovery won't succeed if the server on which recovery is      being performed doesn't have the same name as the lost server.
    2. Join the      server to the same domain as the lost server.
    3. Install      the necessary prerequisites and operating system components. For details,      see Exchange      2010 System Requirements and Exchange      2010 Prerequisites.
    4. Log on to      the server being recovered and open a command prompt.
    5. Navigate      to the Exchange 2010 installation files, and run the following command:
    6. After      Setup has completed, but before the recovered server is put into      production, reconfigure any custom settings that were previously present      on the server.

    Let’s talk about your problem.
     1. Disconnect this server. Change it to workgroup.
     2. Reset the computer account for this server
     3. Join the server to the same domain (same server name)
    If you modify this server name, it won’t work.

    Terence Yu

    TechNet Community Support

    Wednesday, August 01, 2012 6:53 AM