Sender ID Setup


  • I'm new to Exchange 2003, and I would like to use the Sender ID function in Exchange. Now I think Sender ID has to do with SPF. Our ISP does not support SPF and our Domain Registar doesn't either. I have noticed a couple of spoofed emails with my domain in the sender field trying to come into my domain. Now I keep getting a message in my Application Log on my server that says:

    A list of servers must be added to the list before you can enable sender id.

    Since my ISP or Registar does not support SPF, can I still use Sender ID? If so, can someone give me step by step instructions on what I have to do. I have created a SPF record but don't know whether I have to enter it in my DNS server or what? Need some help..


    Thursday, December 07, 2006 7:42 PM

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