PowerPoint to Visio Converter


  • Customer currently uses MS PowerPoint to create flowcharts for business process
    mapping. They are looking at the possibility of using Visio to create these
    flowcharts but they would need to convert the old charts (approximately 250) to
    Visio first.

    I am aware that I can copy the flowcharts as an image and paste the
    image into Visio but this does not allow to update the document at a later
    date. I have found reference to a Visio add-in that will convert the flowcharts
    on the internet but I cannot access them on the Microsoft site any more as the
    site now refers to Visio 2010.(MS site using way back when machine

    I was hoping if we could get this convertor we could use Visio 2007 to convert the documents to a Visio
    format. I have tried to find the software on the internet but I am not having
    any luck. I was hoping that you may be able to provide me with a link to the old
    Visio toolbox website or provide me this file or point me to someone that may be
    able to help with this request.

    Thanks, Faisal

    Wednesday, March 21, 2012 3:49 AM

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