Calculating message latency Exchange 2007. RRS feed

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    Hi there,


    I'm currently developing reports for the senior management of one of the clients I work for. They would like to get insight in the messageflow latency. In Exchange 2003 there where a couple of properties in the WMI interface for message tracking from which you could calculate the actual End-2-End deliverytime (not always acurate because it contains message creation and not send time, but it still provided insight)


    In Exchange 2007 I want to use the get-messagetrackinglog cmdlet to enumerate the logfiles, but I'm having trouble finding a way to calculate message latency.


    I can find the message creation time on SUBMIT messages on a Mailbox server. In the MessageContext there is a UTC time added on message creation . This is however not my preffered way to start analyzing because then I would need to find the corresponding DELIVER message on one of the other HUB transports in the organisation.


    On these DELIVER messages however there is a TimeStamp attribute and a MessageInfo attribute which both contain DateTime values. The TimeStamp message is from the actual DELIVER event, but what is the MessageInfo attribute for.


    I'm guessing this is timezonespecific value calculated from the messagecontext mentioned earlier. Am I right??????


    If so my problems are over I would only need to calculate the timespam between the TimeStamp and the Message Info datetime values.





    Wednesday, April 18, 2007 12:48 PM