InfoPath 2010 Containers to Contain Data


  • Hello, I am creating an InfoPath 2010 form an end user can update via a link that will be submitted in their email once a week. When the user submits the updates to the form, a SharePoint 2010 list will be updated. 

    So far I began creating the form in InfoPath and pulled the data to the form via the Database, I used the 'Database' template. After obtaining the connections, I used the data from the 'MyField' and dragged and dropped it into the 'Query' field. The data that I am wanting does display to the screen, so I have no issues with obtaining the correct data thus far. What I am having an issue with is the cosmetics of the form. When the rows are returned, they are offset. There are a total of 9 columns and only 3 of the columns are offset compared to the other columns in the rows. Column 5,6 & 9 are offset compared to the other columns in the table. I tried re-creating a table and dragging the controls into the fields of the new table, but that didn't work either.

    While trying to figure out how to do this I found the following link:

    When you get to the bottom of the link the author indicates images that can be copied, but are not attainable. The other thing that I am trying to do is find the Code Behind (the HTML) so I can 'fix' the location of the tables using code, but when I go to "Code Editor" I am shown Visual Basic code, and it looks like its empty.


    If you have any idea how to do this, even if its completely different from what I have, I would greatly appreciate any ideas, tips, or trick, and helps.


    Thank You

    P.S. I couldn't find this in the InfoPath 2010 Cookbook either 

    Tuesday, April 26, 2011 2:28 PM


  • As I was continuing to find the resolution to my delima, I noticed that when a you have a column selected, Properties and Layout tabs appear at the top. In the Properties tab you can set the width and height of the column using in, and px. I noticed that not all of the columns had the same height in px, so I made each the same height, saved and previewed the form and now the rows are no longer offset. Interesting how something SO simple can make a huge different. The difference was only 2px off. 
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    Tuesday, April 26, 2011 5:11 PM