Unknown User in HomeGroup controlling my computer windows 7 pro 32bit


  • Greetings,


    I own a desktop computer with 32 bit Windows 7 Professional. Several weeks ago I discovered an unknown user in my Home Group Network. I suspected weeks earlier that this was the case but I had no concrete proof but now I do.


    The user has commandeered the functionality of my computer from a remote location. He is capable of doing so regardless of the Internet access on or off by way of physically removing the power cable to the router from the wall socket.


    The security software I was using was Trend Micro Internet Security 2010. It should be about 4 months old so it did not expire.


    Some of the things this guy has done while I was trying to restrict his control was first and foremost Activated the Internet cut off switch that Trend Micro provides as one of their tools. Immediately after I went to the Home Group Page to remove myself, before I go too far I should tell you that I never joined a home network to begin with. Unfortunately I was volunteered most likely by the hacker.


    As I was attempting to restrict him, Trend Micro’s alert box was popping up every 3 or 4 seconds. The message was svchst trying to make changes to the registry. He was persistent and as of this day I am writing this e-mail on my computer which I have only limited control over. In other words, hacker monitors everything that I do.and it’s not that he is persistent as he has never once been without control.


    Often I deleted ipv4 and ipv6 as well as wifi, wmi rpc, Ethernet, wireless card and on and on. Each time I achieved the removal of w and the other Internet related tools with the router off and no Internet access could be established. equipment I made sure I emptied the recycle bin. less than a minute would pass when I would see new devices downloaded and all decisions I made were reversed with out a struggle. Hacker is very good at his craft, he also wiped out my hard drive of all of my information, records, etc.


    I discovered hidden software loaded onto my computer. Also I discovered hardware in the hidden devices category that lead me to believe that my monitor is now capable of showing me to an outside source for monitoring.. I discovered multiple wifi cards installed in the device manager, all this was loaded remotely as I have discovered this as not only possible but accomplished in the past. What puzzled me was the experts I talked too, all saying that they never heard of this before.Truth is I never had either until last night, I did find documented evidence of the exact scenario that is happening to me. I will share with you the link later.


    Hacker not only has control of my computer he has my room mates computer as well. I changed the wep key to 128bit as well as the log on and password to router. Each time I was able to keep hacker from accessing the Internet when I changed the properties I just mentioned. There was one slight problem with that strategy, if I succeeded at blocking his Internet capabilities, he in turn succeeded in blocking all computers in our home from accessing the Internet. Each time he did something to trump me I was not only disappointed but also impressed with the skills of this criminal.

    I ran various programs to try and remove root kits, bots, male-ware, viruses, key-loggers , Trojan and anything else that I could think of.. Some of the programs I ran: Avira AntiVir Personal Edition, Microsoft Security Essentials, Emsisoft Anti-Maleware, PC Tools Antivirus,, Malewarebytes, Combofix, Smithfraud, Super Antispyware, , Stinger, Lunarsoft and on and on. Each time I was halted abruptly by the commands implemented by the hacker which would cause the computer to freeze up among other things, each serving the same purpose.



    each time I was at the mercy of this guys unforgiving skills. He could render a program useless in less than 3 seconds, I watched him work his magic often, well each time I tried to restrict his control, He can manipulate a folder in record time to a virus program and suddenly program does not detect anything.


    He has taken control of all IRQ ports on my Motherboard, has virtual disks that record all data and E-mail, spam, trash everything, nothing slips past this clever outfit. He has re cycler folders placed in strategic folders and hidded in an obscure location. These recycle programs will actually replace all folders that anyone tries to delete them in an attempt to render the project dormant.


    I have reformatted my hard drive several times to no avail. His control is immediate and I gather that althout it is my Win7ProCD that my computer boots up to, it is his specially designed copy that is loading.


    I bought Partition Commander and ran deleted all data, again reformatting only to relinquish control.


    The I went out and bought a new Hard Drive, memory, video card, Disk Commander Professional that comes with 4 disks, one on the disks is “Disk Wipe” which I ran with the highest settings apparently meeting government standards. Never have I been so perplexed as I am with the quality of this guys skills.


    I know that I am leaving a lot out but truth be told this guy is the best of the best as far as I am concerned.


    I researched online to determine if I could find anyone experiencing any similarities. I must have searched endlessly for over two weeks but never finding anything nor any solutions. Hacker has control of my BIOS.


    Today I found a pleahora of information with step ny step procedures detailing how you would set up such an ealborate operation. The link is :





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    Each subject provided tons of information on establishing set up to essentially spy on the persons every move via e-mails and any other means available with the equipment that it takes to set up shop.

    After several hours researching the procedures and involvement , I actually looked at every single page in every book that was provided, skimming of course but it all was all too familiar, it was identical to what happened and is still happening to me.

    After several hours maybe 3 or 4, I moved onto another location, same web site:


    This time it was time spent exclusively on Windows 7, with the procedures of the previous books and these new books, I know I found the source. I made mental notes of specific Admin rights, the settings and so on, I focused on the software needed to accomplish this spy game and as luck would have it, the same stuff was found on my computers at home.



    Now I know that this does not come cheap and not just anyone would be considered a good target to single out. I mean the complexities of this awesome plan is time consuming just setting up yet alone with everything else involved.

    Also I suspect a team would ne involved rather than just one person.


    That leads me to question, are you guy, s (Microsoft) watching/Spyig om me? I don’t expect anyone to answer with a yes unless they came barging in to arrest me but it it is not Microsoft I can only think the government would be stupid enough to waste tax dollars on the violation of our privacy rights,






    I found it ironic that the answer was there this entire time. Let me assure you, I am very glad to know that you guys are there. Why it took me so long to think of going to your site I can’t say.
























    Monday, November 15, 2010 11:01 AM


  • So, what is your question?

    Consider the source of the installation media (it's a dvd, not a cd). Visit How to Tell and determine if you are a victim of fraud.

    There are pirated versions that include the malware. You will launch the malware everytime if you continue to use that disk.

    Perhaps you should contact the local law enforcment agency.

    Monday, November 15, 2010 2:01 PM