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  • Hello Techies,

    I have a requirement to copy list item attachment to document library either through workflow or event receiver.

    Requirement :

    Custom List "A" and Document Library "B" and some workflows(designer workflows) run on item adding(when a user add attachment) on custom list and in that process when the status gets changed in list "A" the attachment should get copied migrated to Document library.

    Note : user will upload only one attachment to list item and only that attachment should be copied / migrated to document library.

     Please help me and let me know how to go about it.
    Either by  workflow or event receiver.

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  • Hi.

    When you attach a file to a list item, you get an URL like this:

    where "2" is the id of your listitem.

    To get the file name you can use REST call like this...


    Then... You can create a Workflow that perform a rest call using the CopyTo method, passing as parameters the right server relative URL.

    CopyTo method

    Copies the file to the destination URL.





    Type: String
    The absolute URL or server relative URL of the destination file path to copy to.


    Type: Boolean
    true to overwrite a file with the same name in the same location; otherwise false.

    HTTP method




      Request example

      url: "<app web url>/_api/SP.AppContextSite(@target)/web
        /getfilebyserverrelativeurl('/Shared Documents/filename.docx')
        ?@target='<host web url>'",
      method: "POST",
      success: successHandler,
      error: errorHandler


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  • Hello Sir,
    I tried your solution, but in workflow history it shows Bad Request.

    screenshot of the SPD workflow

    Where /sites/developer/testDoc/ is the destination library where i need to migrate the attachments.
    Please let me know where am I going wrong.

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  • Hi Sachchin,

    To copy the list item attachments to document library, I recommend to create event receiver for achieving this goal.

    We can use ItemAttachmentAdded event to trigger after adding an attachment to a list item, then copy the attachment to document library.

    About the ItemAttachmentAdded event:

    About how to get list item attachments:

    Best Regards,


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  • Hi,

    Have you ever find the answer to your issue?

    I'm running into the same problem and couldn't find any good answer yet...

    Please share your findings.

    Thanks in advance.

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