Exchange 2007 C: Drive is full Inetpub folder log is growing how to make space? Exception type: System.IO.IOException Exception message: There is not enough space on the disk.


  • Hi dears,

    Our environment is CCR.

    Mailbox server on one server,CAS\HUB on second server and Edge transport on Separate machine in DMZ

    Recently the CAS\HUB server C: drive (Having 50GB size) is getting full even "0 byte" yesterday I managed to move Inetpub Logs to D: drive and everything is ok.

    But my concern is why this inetpub logs growing in such a huge way it was around 15 GB in size on Active Node (CAS\HUB 1)

    I have around 5000 users in organisation

    Was the implemented Disk sizing insufficient ? it was done by somebody else long back

    And finally I was getting the Exception message: There is not enough space on the disk. Error due to this some of the OWA users were complaining.Once I moved the logs it works fine( Users were not able to attach PDF/PPT into OWA).

    So please advice me how to clear more data from C: drive i have following files in it as usual---

    1.Program files

    2.Program files (x86)





    Thanks in Advance!!!



    Saturday, December 04, 2010 2:52 AM


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