Outlook 2010 does not accept profile credentials without reconfiguring the application through Online Services


  • Hello,

    I am running Outlook 2010 on a Windows 7 Enterprise machine in an environment that uses hosted Microsoft Exchange and in-house OCS.  I created an email profile for myself and I can successfully log into OCS and use all of its features despite the tray icon displaying the red exclamation point indicating that Communicator "Cannot sync address book information".  The real problem occurs with Outlook:  unless I open MS Online Services and choose "Reconfigure desktop applications" in the advanced options area, Outlook does not accept my login credentials.  It opens my mailbox but will endlessly ask for my password (after entering the correct value), thus rendering the application almost useless.  Each time I reconfigure via Online Services, it creates a "BACKUP" version of my email profile and reverts to asking which profile to use each time it runs.  In order to use Outlook every day (unless I leave it open, of course), I must create a new email profile each time I start it.  I also get multiple copies of my .ost file as a result.  The .pst file stays intact, but each new profile creates a new .ost file, which is to be expected with multiple profiles.

    I've tried deleting all profiles except the correct default profile, deleting all duplicate .ost files and creating a brand new profile and configuring it as default.  Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for posting this to the forum. Unfortunately, I don't think we can provide you the type of help you'll need to resolve this issue and I would suggest you call into Microsoft Outlook support and open an incident for this issue.

    But, here's some questions that you'll probably be asked in order to narrow things down.

    1. What credentials are you using to logon to your workstation with?

    2. Is your Exchange mailbox in the same Forest\Domain as the workstation? What version of Exchange and what SP and RU level?

    3. When you launch Outlook 2010 the application opens fully and you're connected to your Exchange server, but you are continuously prompted for your credentials. --Is this correct? If I am wrong, please explain what you see when you start Outlook 2010?

    4. The password prompt keeps appearing even after entering your correct credentials, but what happens if you enter in the wrong username\password? --Do you receive an error?

    5. Does the password prompt give you any indication what credentials it needs? --A linked SharePoint List, for example.

    6. If you keep entering your domain\username and password enough times, does the prompting stop?

    7. Has this ever worked successfully? --When did the issue start to occur?

    I'll stop here. There really are just so many questions to ask.

    My suggestion would be to call into Microsoft Support and open a support incident with the Outlook team. If it were me working the case, I'd probably cut to the chase and remote onto your machine so I could witness the issue firsthand. --That is normally the quickest way to narrow any issue, too.


    Thanks again and take care,

    Jahawk MSFT





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