Fast web crawler error: Unable to post job


  • Here we are using FAST search for SharePoint 2010 web crawler to index a website. It will put all content to FASTSearchCollection named "ssi".

    We have crawler and documentprocesser running at same server SERVER_1.

    We decide to clear the collection first, then start a full crawl. After i confirmed the ssi is not crawling, i performed below steps:
    1. Clear-FASTSearchContentCollection ssi
    2. Get-FASTSearchContentCollection ssi, verified documentcount = 0
    3. CrawlerAdmin -F ssi
    4. CrawlerAdmin -Q ssi, but got weird that Downloaded (tot/stored/mod/del) : 1,059 URIs / 0 / 0 / 0

    I also checked crawler log, found the crawler is able to access the content (status code http 200), but looks like it cannot process it and put it into index. Re-run Get-FASTSearchContentCollection ssi and found the document count is still 0, and lastinput is empty.

    Then i checked event viewer, found there are tons of error " WARNING   : crawler@SERVER_1: systemmsg: Unable to post job"

    the crawler log in var\log\syslog latest entries:

    [2012-11-29 06:36:33] INFO      : crawler@SERVER_1: systemmsg: Shutdown completed (PID: 5996)
    [2012-11-29 06:37:16] INFO      : crawler@SERVER_1: systemmsg: Started Enterprise Crawler 14.0.0325.0000 on port 13000 (PID: 7008)
    [2012-11-29 06:37:16] INFO      : crawler@SERVER_1: ssi: Added collection 'ssi' for crawling
    [2012-11-29 06:37:41] WARNING   : crawler@SERVER_1: systemmsg: Unable to post job
    [2012-11-29 06:37:41] WARNING   : crawler@SERVER_1: systemmsg: The last message was repeated 224 times

    I used nctrl stop and reboot the server, but it does not help.

    Anyone knows the reason "Unable to post job" of the crawler?



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    Thursday, November 29, 2012 6:15 AM


  • I managed to resolve this problem. It turns out i have to delete the collection and create the collection again.

    the correct steps are below:
    1. nctrl start crawler
    2. crawleradmin -s ssi
    3. crawleradmin -d ssi (Note: Have to delete this collection. Simply clear it does NOT work and cause “unable to post job” error of crawler)
    4. Clear-FASTSearchContentCollection ssi
    5. del D:\FASTSearch\data\crawler\config\node\ssi\*.*
    6. del D:\FASTSearch\data\crawler\dsqueues\collection.queues\ssi\*.*
    7. del D:\FASTSearch\data\crawler\queues\node\ssi\*.*
    8. del D:\FASTSearch\data\crawler\queues\worker\ssi\*.*
    9. recreate your collection by using crawleradmin -f <your_xml_file.xml>
    10. nctrl restart crawler
    11. Run crawleradmin --status, verify the crawler is crawling

    However, still have no idea why crawler reports error "unable to post job" if i did not remove the collection.

    Thursday, November 29, 2012 8:20 AM