Office 2010 64-bit: MS recommends 32-bit? Really?


  • I saw on a MS Office site that MS recommends running the 32-bit version of Offcie 2010 even on 64bit Os:

    I had Office 2010 32 bit running on Win7 64-bit and Office 2010 apps, particularly Word, were locking up like crazy.  Installed Office 2010 32-bit and all the loc up issues disappeared.  I would prefer to stay 32bit Office because of Add On compatability but it doesnt seem to be happy on a 64-bit OS.  Am I missing  something on the 32-bit install?


    Monday, January 31, 2011 7:51 PM


  • It is true that they recommend running the 32-bit office on Win7 x64 because of the add-on compatibility.  Most Add-ons haven't been written for the x64 version of office, and the only real difference between 32bit and 64bit Office is the fact that Excell supports something like a billion rows or something obscene like there's no real need any normal user...even a power user of Excel would need the 64bit version unless they're doing some serious number crunching...and have HUGE spreadsheets that complex analysis is performed on.

    As far as your Word lock up issue if you could provide more information on that I'd like to help you solve that one.
    I just want to understand your questions real say that you were running 32bit office on win7 x64 and Word was locking then installed the 64bit (you said 32bit here) and Word stopped locking up? 

    What is the troubleshooting that you've done with 32bit to troubleshoot the lockups?  Did you disable all add-ons...? replace 

    If it was an add-on and the add-on doesn't have a 64bit component that is loaded...could it be your 32-bit addon is not compatible with Windows 7 x64?

    Do you have any application logs?  Those would help in troubleshooting your problem.


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