How to add federated contact IM adress in a AD Contact


  • We have enrolled Windows Live Messenger at some of our B2B customers out of our domain to federate. Within our organisation, we want to add the IM adress to Active Directory for propper contact information.

    We created contacts with the orgininal e-mail that is used by the customers. That isn't working well because federated contacts use IM adresses in the following format: <username>(<domain name>)

    The Lync Federated contact FAQ says:

    How do I add a Windows Live Messenger contact that has an ID containing
    a domain other than those supported by Windows Live?

    A: If you are adding a Windows Live Messenger user with an account or ID
    with a non-Windows Live domain, enter the address in the following format: <user
    (<domain name>), where <domain name>
    is the domain name in the e-mail address of the user. For example, if you
    wanted to add, you would
    use the following format: ted( For a list of domains that
    are administered by Windows Live, see the Supported Domains section in “Known
    Issues That Occur with Public Instant Messaging After You Install Live
    Communications Server Service Pack 1” at

    We can't add this adress as secondary e-mailadress to an Exchange 2010 contact due the strange format. Another possibilty is to use the IM-Adress field (I've succesfully testet this in Outlook).  But there's nog such field available in Exchange or Active directory.

    Does anyone know how this get field availble in the Ad Contacts or has anyone a better way to achieve the same goal?

    Wednesday, February 08, 2012 1:04 PM


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