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  • I have an old SBS2003 + Exch2003 SP2 (Italian Localized) running. I need to export all users mailboxes in pst files.

    I'm trying to use ExMerge but I have an issue that I'm not able to solve.

    This is the exmerge.log section with issue:

    [17:38:02] Checking service 'Archivio messaggi di Microsoft Exchange'
    [17:38:02] Found service 'MSEMS' in current profile.
    [17:38:02] Opened Exchange Server Store.
    [17:38:02] Checking service 'Cartelle personali'
    [17:38:02] Store 'MSPST MS' was not opened.

    It seem that ExMerge is not able to identify the "Cartelle Personali" service ('Personal Folders' in English)

    So I open the MAPISVC.INF file in C:\Windows\System32 and I discovered that service name in section was not translated in Italian.

    More.... I noticed that DLL related to service is: MSPST.DLL but there is no file with that name in directory but I found only MSPST32.DLL

    MSFAX XP=Trasporto posta e fax
    MSEMS=Microsoft Exchange Server
    MSPST MS=Personal Folders

    PR_DISPLAY_NAME=Personal Folders
    PR_PROVIDER_DISPLAY=Personal Folders

    I'm very confused on what I can do to fix the issue.

    Is there anybody could help me ?

    Thank you

    Thursday, April 9, 2020 10:42 PM

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  • Sounds like a localization issue, check out these articles

    Once you get this resolved keep in mind that EXMERGE has a 2GB PST size limit and if there is more then 2GB of data it corrupts the PST without any notification.  For that reason

    1. Check each PST upon completion to ensure it opens without error
    2. if you know there is more then 2GB of data in a mailbox you should consider exporting by date range in order to avoid the 2GB limit

    If you are open to 3rd part products check out Lucid8's DigiScope  as its default is 20GB PST size and automatically spans to additional PSTs if the limit is approached.  Also has a nice GUI and a bunch of other features.  It can even open a raw offline EDB without the exchange server for eDiscovery, recovery and migration needs

    Search, Recover, Export Mailboxes, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks from ALL versions of Exchange Offline EDB's, On-Premises Exchange Databases & Office 365. Export, Migrate/Recover into On-Premises Exchange Server, Office 365 with Lucid8's DigiScope

    Friday, April 10, 2020 2:30 PM
  • Hi Troy and thank you for your reply.

    I already know the articles you suggested to me but there is something more , maybe broken, in MAPISVC.INFO binding with name and/or dll .

    I did many times export with ExMerge and was enough to change localised name in exmerge.ini file.

    This time something not work and I don't understand where I can fix it.

    Thank you

    Saturday, April 11, 2020 8:41 PM

    I changed the references to the mspst.dll file in mapisvc.inf with mspst32.dll file.

    ExMerge stop with errors but, this time, are different.

    This is a part of exmerge.log where you can see the error :

    [23:04:40] Getting list of mailboxes on the server.
    [23:04:40] Found default store.
    [23:04:40] Opened Exchange Server Store.
    [23:04:40] Entered Routine:  (CMapiSession::GetMailboxesOnServerFromPrivateIS)
    [23:04:40] GetMailboxesOnServerFromPrivateIS: QueryInterface succeeded
    [23:04:40] GetMailboxesOnServerFromPrivateIS: GetMailboxTable succeeded
    [23:04:40] Number of mailbox records read: 21. (CMapiSession::GetMailboxesOnServerFromPrivateIS)
    [23:04:40] Ending Routine:  (CMapiSession::GetMailboxesOnServerFromPrivateIS)
    [23:04:40] Finished getting list of mailboxes.
    [23:04:40] Ending Routine:  (CMapiSession::GetMailboxesOnServer)
    [23:04:40] Session logoff successful.
    [23:04:40] Entered Routine:  (CMapiSession::DeleteOurProfile)
    [23:04:40] Ending Routine:  (CMapiSession::DeleteOurProfile)
    [23:04:40] Time to get mailbox data: 0 seconds
    [23:04:45] Using attribute 'PR_MESSAGE_DELIVERY_TIME' for date operations.
    [23:04:45] Merging data into target store. The program will copy only those messages that do not exist in the target store.
    [23:04:45] Associated folder data will NOT be copied to the target store.
    [23:04:45] Using 'Italian' (0x410) as the default locale (Code page 1252)
    [23:04:45] All mailboxes will be processed, regardless of locale
    [23:04:45] Using default locale for all mailboxes
    [23:04:45] Program will use 1 worker threads
    [23:04:45] Initializing worker thread (Thread0)
    [23:04:45] ((Thread0)) Before CopyMailboxData -ADMINISTRATOR
    [23:04:45] Entered Routine: EDKRoutines::CopyMailBoxData)
    [23:04:45] Using locale 'Italian' (0x410) and code page 1252 to connect to mailbox
    [23:04:45] Copying data from mailbox 'Administrator' ('ADMINISTRATOR') on Server 'SERVERSBS' to file 'E:\BACK\ADMINISTRATOR.PST'.
    [23:04:45] Entered Routine:  (CMapiSession::MapiInit)
    [23:04:45] Successfully initialized MAPI.
    [23:04:45] Ending Routine:  (CMapiSession::MapiInit)
    [23:04:45] Entered Routine:  (CMapiSession::CreateEMSPSTProfile)

    [23:04:45] Error creating Message Service (MSPST MS) (CMapiSession::CreateEMSPSTProfile)

    [23:04:45] Ending Routine:  (CMapiSession::CreateEMSPSTProfile)
    [23:04:45] Errors encountered. Copy process aborted for mailbox 'Administrator' ('ADMINISTRATOR').
    [23:04:45] Entered Routine:  (CMapiSession::DeleteOurProfile)
    [23:04:45] Ending Routine:  (CMapiSession::DeleteOurProfile)
    [23:04:45] Ending Routine: EDKRoutines::CopyMailBoxData)
    [23:04:45] ((Thread0)) CopyMailboxData Failed -ADMINISTRATOR
    [23:04:45] ((Thread0)) Incremented progress bar
    [23:04:45] Number of items copied from the source store for all mailboxes processed: 0
    [23:04:45] Total number of folders processed in the source store: 0
    [23:04:45] 0 mailboxes successfully processed. 1 mailboxes were not successfully processed. 0 non-fatal errors encountered.
    [23:04:45] Process completion time: 00:00:00
    [23:04:45] MAPI uninitialized.
    [23:04:46] MAPI uninitialized.

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    Saturday, April 11, 2020 9:12 PM