Problem printing multiple pages per sheet in Word 2007


  • Whenever I first print a Word 2007 .DOC document 2 pages per sheet scaled to paper size A4, the first time I print it comes out as two minuscule pages at the top of the sheet (one to the left and one in the middle, about 4 mm wide and 3 mm high), but when I immediately repeat the operation with the same settings, it prints the two pages on the one sheet in the correct size, filling the entire page.

    At first I though that this was peculiar to my work network (Acers running XP printing to an HP colour LaserJet), but it also happens on my home Fujitsu notebook connected to a Brother inkjet by USB, so it must be a bug in Word.

    As I print very many of my documents this way, I find it very annoying and a waste of time and paper to have to print the documents twice.

    What can I do to make Word print the documents correctly the first time?
    Thursday, June 04, 2009 11:27 AM